Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hate people, love gatherings: Part 1

Just got home from a party where I was all dressed up and treated like an adult.  From time to time I get invited to these events & I always have a blast.  I catch up with the people I like, cozy up to the bartenders, then spend the rest of the night eye rolling, avoiding, and wishing I were home and off my heels.  I probably make it sounds horrible, but it can be.  What’s that line from Clerks?  I hate people, but I love gatherings. Isn’t it ironic?
This particular gathering was beautifully set in a museum and the appetizers were both of my favorite kinds: passed and at stations.  It was a cash bar, but the liquor was top shelf with no long lines (the benefit of cash bars).   Between the art and the poor wardrobe choices there was always something interesting to gander at.  Not all of it yummy eye candy though.  I will never understand women in their 50’s and their pantsuits femmed up with multi-layered necklaces.  I don’t expect a Hervé Léger strapless bandage dress and some 5” Alexander McQueen bondage boots, but I think there is a happy medium of cocktail party chic.   If you aren’t a power lesbian, I respectfully ask that you rethink your party wear.  The biggest fashion crime of the night, however, was a woman in her early-40’s married to an older gentleman (old enough to be a former life-time achievement award winner - you do the math) in a short sleeved denim shirt dress.  Some people come directly from work, others from the rodeo.  WTF?
But it’s always a weird mix with an Arts crowd.  Along side the incredibly dapper &/or eccentric gay men, artists & art-type hangers-on there is also a smattering of society and donors (the former has the obvious face work and the latter have the dates with the obvious boob work), and press (they are the ones double-fisting the free food).  I was there as a donor, but truth be told, I was more inclined to hob nob with the marketing girls who lined the back wall.  
            We’ll take a little look-see at whom I was keen to avoid tomorrow in Part 2, because after all this is a school night.

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