Monday, January 3, 2011

My resolution from September.

January means little to me.  I just don't run on the regular calendar anymore.  I haven't since the girls started school.  I'm an August to July kind of girl.  Sure, there was that window between graduating from college and having school-aged kids that I actually believed in a clean slate come January, but that was fleeting -- and quite honestly, I was too hung over the first week of January to ever start my resolutions (which were quickly abandoned at the onset of Mardi Gras anyway....only to be given up again for Lent & then easily aborted on the premise that I'm really not all that Catholic).

The end of summer always seems to motivate me though. Something about sunburned shoulders and sand all over the laundry room floor begs for declarations of getting my shit together once the kids go back to school.   But post Labor Day I'm too giddy with the possibility of mid-morning naps and uninterrupted crap TV watching to make any drastic changes.   This year I was thought I'd actually make a smaller change.  I was supposed to start a blog because there were too many things being snarked in a whisper at the back of the PTA meeting instead of being broadcasted to the masses.  I've always preferred an audience, otherwise why bother, right?  And really, there is just too much general screwiness in the life of Happy Valley mom to not write about it.  I'm finally getting to that new year's resolution, 4 months late.  But I'm here.  I'm writing.  Stay tuned.

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