Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Everyone's a little bit racist, so leave John Galliano alone.

This whole John Galliano business has my one pair of  $61-on-sale-Dior panties in a twist.   I’m not denying that some hateful stupid things came out of his mouth nor that he needs Dr. Drew to help him sort out his alcohol issues…but c’mon, there are a lot more people out there in this big bad scary world doing a lot more harm.  Since when does everyone have to be perfect and 100% hatred free?

I'm not Jewish….so maybe I can’t get it.  But, honestly, Galliano could attack me personally or go after my religion or heritage and I’d never run off to mommy and tattle.  I wouldn’t expect him to be fired.   Of course, as an American, I’m living in a culture that thrives on hate.   You get to the point where you expect it.  Politicians thrive on playing on the average American’s racism and homophobia every day.  Nut jobs use religion to veil their misogyny.  Teabaggers belittle the tragedies of Nazism & fascism as they incorrectly name call their opposition.  Fearful hypocrites withhold the rights of others.  I don’t like it, but it’s there… all the time…on an institutional level.   A flamboyant, drunk designer name-calling during arguments…cry me a fucking river.   People are assholes & sometimes hey say stupid, horrendous things when they are fucked-up.   Maybe Galliano is fuckwit sober too, but big deal.  That is his problem.  He said some shit, maybe even hated in his heart, but he didn’t do physical harm.   Maybe the media & twatterverse & Natalie Portman need to listen to Avenue Q’s ditty “Everyone’s a Little Racist” --- because it’s true. 

I like to think that I’m not the least bit racist or anti-Semitic.   I genuinely love people of all flavors.  And when I am hateful and cruel, it’s almost always on a person-by-person basis.  However, I’m not perfect and I’m sure if you bugged my conversations with The Husband, you’d find that I cast a wide net with vicious generalities in jest that I maybe mean just a little.  Do I hate any race or religion though?  Hell no.  I wish no harm, better yet, I wish everyone well…..but Happy Valley Asians you drive like crap and the whole Tiger Mom competitive bullshit is working my last nerve, though if it makes you feel any better, I say way meaner shit about certain white people in the neighborhood.

My other prevailing thought is that both of the instances happened in bars.  Could it be that Galliano’s just a bad alcoholic  & not criminally anti-Semitic.  Others have been shipped to rehab & forgiven for more egregious crimes.  For those who have had an addict in their lives, you probably know that sometimes generally wonderful people will say (& maybe mean) the most horrible shit while in their disease.  Sucks, but it happens.  It doesn’t make them bad people. You learn that it’s only words.  And why do we have to like everyone anyway?  Can’t someone be a creep and still be a creative genius?  Trust me, as the Jill Sobule song tells us, most of our heroes are imperfect.

What this comes down to is that I’m not about to go casting stones because Galliano came off anti-Semitic.  And I think people should stop the labeling because really do a couple alleged instances of drunkenly spewing insults really deserve such a harsh title?   I honestly do care that Jews have historically been given the shitty end of the stick and it is not fair to name-call anyone and that Hitler was pure evil and no one should be singing that bastard's praises, but perhaps those so easily offended need to toughen up, say, “Fuck you, Galliano” & move along.  It sounds to me more like poorly-worded personal bitchy attacks and less of systematic anti-Semitism. I detest the PC wussification as much as the bullying-hateful Religious Right.  Refuckinglax, people. He's a talented fashion designer, not a world leader.  Go get your hate on for Gaddafi or a child molester.  

I walk away from this ready to still buy what Galliano, the artist is selling while having a little bit of empathy but mostly disappointment for the person.  I also walk away sans the desire to live in France with their wacked legal system.  Just when I thought guilty until proven innocent was scary judicious dealings, I’m finding that the lack of freedom of speech is even more terrifying.  

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